American Modular Systems’ Gen7 Recognized as First CHPS PreFAB™ Classroom

CHPS PreFAB Pre-Approval Program Creates More Green School Opportunities

September 20, 2012 (Manteca, CA) - There’s a new kid on the green school block. The Collaborative for High Performance School (CHPS) has recognized American Modular Systems’ Gen7™ as the first CHPS PreFAB™ Classroom. The “CHPS PreFAB” label designates the prefabricated classroom as a healthy, high performance, green classroom that has been pre-approved for use in high performance building projects. Schools and districts can purchase the Gen7 in order to gain CHPS Verified™ recognition for new classrooms.

AMS is the first prefabricated classroom manufacturer to receive pre-approval under the CHPS PreFAB program. CHPS PreFAB provides a product label that clearly designates compliance with high performance benchmarks for modular or prefabricated buildings that can be purchased or leased for use on school campuses.

“CHPS PreFAB marks a turning point in the green school movement. Now schools have a label that they can trust when seeking high performance prefabricated buildings,” said Bill Orr, Executive Director of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools. “As the first CHPS PreFAB, the Gen7 classroom marks the expansion of the green school movement into all types of school project delivery. The Gen7 is truly the next generation of high performance schools.”

“We are very excited to work with CHPS in making high performance classrooms a more attainable goal for schools,” said Tony Sarich, VP of Operations for AMS/Gen7. “The Gen7 CHPS PreFAB classroom is a turnkey sustainable solution that saves school districts time, money and paperwork by allowing them to purchase a DSA Pre-Approved building that meets the highest green school standards.”

The Gen7 24x40 classroom scored 35 points on the CHPS PreFAB scorecard, almost double the minimum 18 points required to qualify for the designation. The Gen7 single-story classroom is 33% more energy efficient than Title 24, and direct costs can be reduced by up to 30% over a traditionally-built classroom.

Schools that purchase the classroom can fulfill the remaining requirements and apply to be recognized as a CHPS Verified school. CHPS Verified is a green school building rating program that combines a rigorous standard for the design and construction of healthy, green school with a complete third-party review of the features to ensure the benefits are delivered. Compliance with the CHPS Verified program demonstrates that a school has met stringent standards for green school design.

Schools and districts can learn more about using CHPS PreFAB classrooms in CHPS Verified projects on the CHPS website:

Information about pre-approved CHPS PreFAB classrooms, including downloadable scorecards, can be found on the CHPS High Performance Products Database by searching for "Prefabricated Classroom" products or "CHPS PreFAB" attributes:

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CHPS PreFAB Pre-Approval Program Creates More Green School Opportunities ~order=2012-09-20
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