The Operations Report Card Process
Engage The goal of the ORC is to provide the entire school community with the information needed to make an informed decision about how best to improve their school. It is important to engage the entire community from the minute you sign up the school. From teachers and staff, to parents and students, members of the community should be engaged and informed about the Operations Report Card process.

Begin with facilities directors, and school administrators. These are the people who need to be on board for a successful ORC to take place. Facilities directors are important to ensure that the technical access and knowledge about the school is available. For both administrators and facility directors, stress the value of the ORC in assessing the school and in building institutional knowledge about the facility. It is completely up to the school to decide which, if any, improvements to implement, and there are no future costs required to participate. If you can get their buy in, having an administrator’s name on the occupant survey request can make the difference between a successful survey and a dismal response rate.

After ensuring the participation of the people required for the ORC to be completed, begin reaching out to the broader school community. PTA groups, school boards, and students can all benefit from the ORC, even though they may not participate directly. Schools are community resources, often funded by the local community itself. By engaging all of the school’s stakeholders, you build trust and respect and foster encouragement for improving the school. Let these communities know that you are working on the ORC, when you expect it to be complete, and that you will share the results with them for their input.
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