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You can download the technical resources you will need to complete the Operations Report Card (ORC) from this page. If you have any questions not answered by these documents, please check the FAQ.

Technical Resource Description Download

ORC Instructions

Comprehensive instructions for completing the ORC. A good starting point for interested users and most information.
2.1 MB

Classroom Selection

This document provides guidance about how to select which classrooms to audit as part of the ORC.
47 KB

Recent ORC Software Updates

See what changes have recently been made to the ORC tool.

Classroom Data Collection Sheets

These worksheets should be completed for each classroom selected for auditing.
110 KB

Waste and Water Audit Sheets

Use these worksheets to complete the waste and water audits. This .zip file includes the worksheets and examples to teach you how to use the sheets.
193 KB

Tool Request Information (CA Only)

Contains information about how to request tools from the Pacific Energy Center and AGTAC Libraries for use in completing the classroom audits. Applicable only to California schools.
32 KB

Survey Participation Sample Requests

This document contains sample requests for participation in the occupant survey. You may cut and paste this sample text directly into the web tools, or edit however you like.
30 KB

Technical Specifications

This document contains the full benchmarking criteria for the ORC, including score generation from the occupant surveys and classroom audits. Download this file to learn all about how the benchmark scores get created.
265 KB

Sample Acoustics Files

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Resource Description Download

Five Minutes of Pink Noise

Five minutes of general pink noise for use in the sound insulation test.
4.7 MB

Gated Pink Noise

This file contains pink noise that is alternately on and off for 5 seconds. For use in the reverberation time measurements.
0.9 MB
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