CHPS Board of Directors Service

Interested in serving on the CHPS national Board of Directors? The Board of Directors is CHPS' governing body and is charged with the responsibility and authority for the policy direction of CHPS. The CHPS Board is made up of seats in the following categories:

  • Governmental
  • Educational: school, school district, charter school and/or county office of education.
  • Product manufacturer
  • At-large (at-large Directors shall represent the diversity of any CHPS membership categories except manufacturers)
  • Utility
  • Design professional

To be eligible for the Board, your organization must be a CHPS member in good standing within the membership category for the seat in which you are interested. Additionally, we are looking for nominees that have special skills sets in the following areas: Finances, Development and Fundraising, and Information Technology. We are also looking to further expand Board representation outside of California.

To Apply: Nominations are are currently being accepted, for election in June.  Please send a letter of interest and short bio directly to Carolyn Sarno, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at by May 26, 2016

About the Board of Directors The Board is the Collaborative’s governing body and is charged with the responsibility and authority for the policy direction of the Collaborative. Board Responsibilities

  • To articulate and uphold the vision, values and mission of the Collaborative.
  • To assess the effectiveness of the Collaborative in the achievement of its mission.
  • To work with the Collaborative members, committees and staff to develop and approve strategic goals and initiatives.
  • To supervise, control and direct the affairs of the Collaborative.
  • To take actions as may be necessary to conduct the organization, including but not limited to, adopting rules and regulations for the conduct of its business, establish policies, and approve programming and delegating authority.

The candidates who are nominated by the Nominating Committee must be elected by the current board before July 1st when the board term begins. Each board member’s term will be three years. At the beginning of each Board of Directors term the individual may appoint an alternate, representing the same organization, to be approved by the current board and provide updates as necessary. In the event that the Board Director is unable to attend a meeting, the alternate may serve in the Directors absence. All rules and requirements applicable to Directors shall also apply to Alternate Directors unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws or action of the Board of Directors. Directors (but not Alternate Directors) missing three (3) consecutive regular Board meetings, may be removed from office by specific action of the Board. Participation by conference call is a recognized form of Board meeting attendance, if absolutely necessary. Advisory Directors will be chosen through the nominating committee process; however they will have non-voting status. The Advisory Directors shall be selected to bring supplemental viewpoints and unique expertise to the board.

Requirements/Commitments to Serve on the CHPS Board of Directors

Every director of the board must bring some form of substantial value to the board. Board members will participate in meetings; they should have time and financial resources to attend all meetings either in person or by electronic means. Physical presence at some meetings is required. Exceptions will be made in the discretion of the board, such as scholarships for students, or as may be necessary to serve CHPS best interests. CHPS shall meet at locations that reflect board composition as much as possible, and use technology to reduce travel necessities/carbon footprint. Desired characteristics for membership on the Board include:

  • Respected in the national schools community
  • Visionary
  • Vocal supporter of and ambassador for CHPS
  • Ability to maintain and build competitive advantage for CHPS
  • Connected to and understanding of schools, and knowledge of school buildings
  • Diverse background
  • Represents a constituency that has a multiplier effect
  • Political and legislative connections
  • Committed to the core values of high performance schools
  • Ability to market and support CHPS programs
  • Strong fundraising skills
  • Strong knowledge of technology
  • Strong vision and leadership skills
  • Strong facilitation skills
  • Ability to market and support CHPS programs
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