Collaborative for High Performance Schools Releases US-CHPS Criteria: CHPS Now Accessible to All U.S. States and District of Columbia

(Sacramento CA, October 29, 2014) – Collaborative for High Performance School (CHPS) last week released US-CHPS, a version of the CHPS Criteria rating system that can be used in every state and the District of Columbia. Until this release, only school districts in the thirteen states with a customized CHPS Criteria could participate in the program.

The announcement was made from New Orleans on the last day of the weeklong Greenbuild Conference, where CHPS Executive Director Bill Orr gave a presentation on “Turning 20th Century Schools into 21st Century Learning Environments.”

“It is fitting that we made this announcement from New Orleans during Greenbuild,” said Bill Orr. “So many areas of the country are demanding that new and renovated schools be healthy and sustainable. We believe the release of US-CHPS will help school districts better achieve their goals for their schools and more importantly, for their schoolchildren.”

CHPS is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1999 as a collaboration of California’s major utilities to address energy efficiency in schools. The program soon expanded to address all aspects of school design, construction and operation, with the following goals:
• Protect student and staff health, and enhance the learning environments of school children everywhere
• Conserve energy, water, and other natural resources
• Reduce waste, pollution, and environmental degradation

"US-CHPS is an important milestone,” said CHPS Board Vice Chair Carolyn Sarno. “Not only in terms of CHPS' growth as a national nonprofit, but for students across America to have the opportunity to go to a healthy, energy-efficient school.” CHPS Board Chair Jim Ogden agreed, “This is a really big deal. We'll look back on this day as one of the most significant in the history of CHPS, and an important driver in the expansion of healthy high performance schools across the country."

The new US-CHPS CriteriaTM is a companion to and based on the CHPS National Core Criteria (Core Criteria) that was developed over the last two years. US-CHPS is divided into seven categories: Integration (II), Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ), Energy (EE), Water (WE), Site (SS), Materials and Waste Management (MW), and Operations and Metrics (OM). Each category is comprised of prerequisites and credits totaling 250 points. Prerequisites are criteria that must be met by every project, depending on project type or scope. Credits are criteria that are optional choices which may be pursued by projects toward the total points needed for recognition.

The US-CHPS 2014 Criteria can be downloaded here.

The Collaborative for High Performance Schools believes kids learn better in schools with good lighting, clean air, and comfortable classrooms. The goal of CHPS is to fundamentally change the design, construction and operation of schools to protect student and staff health; conserve energy, water, and other natural resources; and reduce waste, pollution, and environmental degradation. To date, over two hundred CHPS Verified schools have been built nationwide. For more information visit our website at; our Facebook page at or follow CHPS on Twitter:

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