CHPS Verified Leader

CHPS Verified Leader provides a high level of recognition for school projects that perform well beyond minimum CHPS eligibility requirements. CHPS Verified Leader projects are CHPS Verified and have inspirational designs that incorporate their high performance features into architectural expression. The school should be an image of environmental and social responsibility, and must be balanced in providing benefits to the environment, student health and student performance.

The CHPS Criteria for California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Texas, and Virginia all have the CHPS Verified Leader option available. For new construction projects, CHPS Verified Leader projects must meet all prerequisites. For major modernizations and renovations, they must meet the prerequisites that are applicable to the project's scope. See the table below for a summary of the CHPS Verified Leader point requirements in each state:

CHPS Verified Leader Requirements

State (click on the state for more about that CHPS program) New Construction Point Minimum New Construction Point Spread Major Modernization/ Renovation Point Minimum Major Modernization/ Renovation Point Spread
US, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, NE, Texas 160 points N/A 135 points N/A
Hawaii 85 points 5 points each in II, IEQ, SS and WM
6 points WE
12 points in EE
65 points 5 points each in II, IEQ, SS, WM and WE
12 points in EE
Virginia 75 points 2 points in II
5 points each in SS, WE, ME and EQ
10 points in EE
60 points 1 point in II
3 points each in SS, WE, ME, and EQ
7 points in EE
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