About CHPS

The Collaborative for High Performance Schools believes kids learn better in schools with good lighting, clean air, and comfortable classrooms. That’s why CHPS works with schools and experts to make changes to ensure that every child has the best possible learning environment with the smallest impact on the planet.

To date, over two hundred schools have been built using CHPS' high performance school standards, which means more kids have access to health, environmentally friendly, safe school buildings. Thirteen states have embraced CHPS and created a state-specific building standard adapted specifically for their climate and local building codes. Thousands of professionals have attended our trainings and online webinars. Hundreds of high performance, healthy, green products are available in our products database and more are added every day. And this is just the beginning.

CHPS helps facilitate and inspire change in our educational system. The goals of CHPS are to fundamentally change the design, construction and operation of schools to:

  • Protect student and staff health, and enhance the learning environments of school children everywhere
  • Conserve energy, water, and other natural resources
  • Reduce waste, pollution, and environmental degradation
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