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Q: What is the CHPS School and District Membership program?

A: CHPS School and District Membership is a free program offered by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) exclusively for schools and school districts. By joining the program school and districts can access the tools and resources to design, construct, maintain and operate green, healthy, high performance educational facilities.

Q: How is CHPS school and district membership different from the regular CHPS membership?

A: In the past, schools and districts have participated in the CHPS fee-based membership program by paying annual dues. Now schools and districts can join CHPS free of charge while still receiving all the benefits of paid CHPS membership.

Q: What are the benefits of joining CHPS?

A: Schools and districts receive all the benefits of CHPS membership, including access to CHPS tools and resources, such as the printable version of CHPS' Best Practices Manual. By becoming a member of CHPS, schools and districts can not only help to establish support for high performance schools in their local community but also contribute to the national movement for healthier, greener schools.

Q: What are the requirements of joining CHPS?

A: Joining CHPS is free for schools and school districts. To renew membership, school districts are required to submit annual reports detailing their high performance projects.

Q: Can I join CHPS as a private or charter school?

A: Yes, CHPS membership is open to individual private and charter schools as well as school districts. Public schools must contact their district to become members of CHPS.

Q: Who is covered under the membership?

A: CHPS membership includes all employees of the school district and/or school.

Q: How do I renew my CHPS membership?

A: CHPS membership is automatically renewed by submitting the School and District Membership Annual Report. This annual report takes minimal time commitment to complete and will help to track the progress of the school districts high performance program.

Q: What is a CHPS Resolution and how do I pass one?

A: A CHPS Resolution is a high performance commitment passed at the board or trustee level. High performance resolutions offer many benefits such as earning CHPS points towards certification, taking greater advantage of incentive programs and standardizing high performance policies throughout the school or school district.

Q: Can my school district or school receive recognition for high performance projects?

A: CHPS offers school districts and their design teams two recognition options in meeting the CHPS Criteria: CHPS Verified and CHPS Designed.

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