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CHPS offers resources for every phase and type of project. Whether you are planning, designing, operating, specifying for, commissioning or maintaining a school, we can help you to implement best practices every step of the way.


This video explores the various resources and programs CHPS offers, the CHPS implementation roadmap, upcoming resources that are under development at CHPS, the newest states developing CHPS programs and various examples of the programs CHPS offers.

Best Practices Manual

CHPS' most popular resource, the CHPS Best Practices Manual, was developed to help schools, districts and practitioners to achieve high performance design, construction and operation.

The CHPS Criteria

CHPS provides assessment tools for new construction, major modernizations and relocatable classrooms. Looking for your state's CHPS Criteria? This is where you will find them.

The Operations Report Card (ORC)

The CHPS Operations Report Card (ORC) is an online tool that helps schools and districts to benchmark the current performance of existing schools, provides a report card of results and makes suggestions for improvement.

Recognition Programs

CHPS oversees the nation's first green building rating program especially designed for K-12 schools. Schools can self-certify their school through CHPS Designed, a self-certification program, or seek third-party verification of their high performance school through CHPS Verified.

Technical Resources

CHPS offers a variety of technical resources, including district implementation resources, the high performance products database and information about the benefits of high performance schools.

High Performance Products Database

Currently in beta phase, the High Performance Products Dababase lists a variety of sustainable, healthy building products. Users can search for products and manufacturers can register and upload products to the database. For five years, CHPS has published a list of materials that qualify as low-emitting. We have replaced the Low-Emitting Materials table with the CHPS High Performance Products Database. You can search for products in the database that have been certified by its manufacturer and an independent laboratory to meet the CHPS Low-Emitting Materials criteria-Section 01350-for use in a typical classroom as described in a CA Department of Health Services (CDHS) Standard Practice.

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