Best Practices Manual

CHPS has developed a best practices manual to help schools, districts and practitioners to achieve high performance design, construction and operation. The following titles are available:

Volume I: Planning for High Performance Schools

For school and district officials and practitioners in the initial phases of a project.

Volume II: Design for High Performance Schools

A reference guide for design and construction professionals.

Criteria for High Performance Schools (formerly Volume III)

State and region-specific benchmarking systems that help schools, districts and design teams to prioritize and achieve green, healthy school buildings.

Volume IV: Maintenance and Operations of High Performance Schools

For school operators to operate their schools as their designers intended and provide optimal health, efficiency, and sustainability.

Volume V: Commissioning of High Performance Schools

A guide to the process of commissioning school equipment.

Volume VI: High Performance Relocatable Classrooms

A guide for relocatable manufacturers, relocatable purchasers and architects on specifying, building and acquiring high performance relocatable classrooms.

Accessing the CHPS Best Practices Manual
All CHPS resources are available for free download. Printable versions of the best practices manual are available for CHPS members.

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