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Intro to CHPS Webinar
January 7, 2009 11AM PDT

C.A.S.H. Annual Conference
February 23-26, 2009
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U.S. EPA and CHPS kick off green building design challenge
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December 2009

Districts and Schools Can Now Join CHPS for Free with CHPS Registered

Schools and districts can now become members of CHPS for free by joining CHPS Registered. The program will give schools and districts free access to tools and resources for designing, constructing, modernizing and operating high performance educational facilities.
“By offering this free program, CHPS will increase awareness of the benefits of high performance schools and stimulate the demand for green, healthy educational facilities nationwide,” said Charles Eley, executive director of CHPS. “CHPS Registered is an important step in getting the best technical information available on green schools into the hands of the people who need it most.”
The CHPS Registered program will foster school districts’ commitment to building high performance schools, track their progress in the CHPS program, and help schools and districts to receive recognition for their green building accomplishments. Members of the program will have access to the suite of CHPS tools and resources, including the six-volume CHPS Best Practices Manual and discounts on CHPS goods and services.

“We are excited to join CHPS Registered,” said Bill Savidge, the District Engineering Officer for West Contra Costa Unified School District. “In these difficult financial times, this free program gives all schools the opportunity to get the knowledge they need to build high performance facilities that will be healthier and improve the quality of education for our schoolchildren without hurting the bottom line.”

about CHPS Registered and how your school or district can join today.

More News from CHPS

California CHPS Criteria Opens for a Third Public Review

Comment Period Ends January 7, 2009
The California CHPS Criteria has been released for a third public comment period. Only credits where substantial changes were made during the second public review period have been released for public comment. The public may submit comments from December 22, 2008 - January 7, 2009.

Thank you to those of you who submitted the hundreds of comments we received during the first two comment periods for this Criteria edition.

Click here to download the changes made to the Criteria for the third public comment period and to submit comments.

Texas CHPS Criteria Opens for a Second Public Review

Comment Period Ends January 5, 2009
The Texas CHPS Criteria has been released for a second public comment period. Substantive changes to the Criteria made during the first round of public comments are available for download and review here. The public may submit comments from December 15, 2008 - January 5, 2009.

The Texas CHPS Criteria (TX-CHPS) creates a benchmark for the design and construction of Texas high performance school buildings that are efficient, comfortable, environmentally responsible and healthy spaces.

Learn more about the public review period and download the changes to TX-CHPS for the second public review here.

Chico Unified School District Passes CHPS District Resolution

Chico Unified School District becomes the thirty-second school district to pass a CHPS resolution and mandate high performance construction for their new buildings and major modernizations. While Chico USD had previously been using CHPS best practices in their construction, this resolution makes their efforts to promote high performance standards for the entirety of their buildings official.

According to Mike Weissenborn, Chico USD’s facilities planner, “The passage of the CHPS resolution was motivated by both community interest and demand.” High performance features within Chico USD are anticipated at several locations. “In particular, a solar generation plan is underway for all campuses within the district," says Mr. Weissenborn, “This plan entails the possible addition of solar panels to all campuses and maybe even creating a centrally located solar facility under AB 2466”. In order to fund this project, Chico USD has applied for Savings By Design grants.

Chico USD will also be among the newest members of the CHPS Registered program. CHPS Registered is a free program for school districts to become part of the CHPS community. CHPS Registered districts can gain access to CHPS resources to facilitate any future high performance building projects. Click here to see the full CHPS Resolution from Chico USD.

CHPS Partners with EPA on the 3rd Annual Lifecycle Building Challenge

CHPS and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are collaborating for the second consecutive year on the Lifecycle Building Challenge, a design competition that rewards for innovative designs that minimize waste, reuse materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CHPS will recognize the best design for projects that achieve these goals for learning facilities and schools.

“Our nation’s buildings are creating a waste crisis, contributing over 100 million tons of construction and demolition debris every year,” Charles Eley, CHPS executive director, said. “School buildings that address this problem address two important impacts on the planet: by reducing the amount of materials that have to be created in the first place, they can reduce their inputs towards both climate change and the waste stream.”

CHPS provides resources for designing, building and operating healthy, environmentally responsible schools. In the newest version of the California CHPS Criteria, a high performance school building standard for California schools, schools can receive credit for incorporating lifecycle building strategies into their design. EPA led the development of this credit.

For more information about the Lifecycle Building Challenge, click here.

To read the complete CHPS press release, click here.

California's State Architect Releases Guidebook on Grid Neutral Schools

Gives school officials step-by-step instruction to generate the power they consume
On December 9, 2008, California's State & Consumer Services Agency (SCSA) announced the release of Grid Neutral: Electrical Independence for California Schools and Community Colleges, a step-by-step guide to help California schools and community colleges cut energy costs through on-site electricity generation. The guidebook is the first state-backed, comprehensive program for schools to use to create campuses that generate as much electrical energy as they consume.

“We pulled together the best environmental experts and financial minds to create an easy-to-follow guide for school officials to invest smartly in green technologies and cut their production of greenhouse gases." said SCSA Secretary Rosario Marin. “This guide will help officials navigate both the technical and cost phases of going green."

The guidebook also helps school officials understand the different methods for funding an electricity generation project at a school site. The state has already used these innovative agreements to finance projects at California State University campuses, prisons and mental health hospitals.

To view the guidebook, click here.

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