MA-CHPS Criteria for New Construction and Major Modernizations

Massachusetts has a newly updated tool to help schools and districts design more environmentally-friendly buildings. CHPS has released the 2009 Edition of the Massachusetts CHPS Criteria (known as MA-CHPS), a green building rating system designed specifically for Bay State schools. Eighteen schools have used the CHPS green rating system in Massachusetts to rate their schools. Nineteen more schools have green projects registered with CHPS.

MA-CHPS also incorporates upcoming changes to the Massachusetts energy conservation code – the MA Stretch Energy Code – by making compliance with that code, which requires schools to be 20% more efficient than the national baseline, a prerequisite for all schools using MA-CHPS.

The update reflects a move by CHPS to provide a core of green building benchmarks to states – known as the CHPS National Core Criteria – that can than be adapted by states. The new Core Criteria focus on not just the design of the building, but also pre-design planning, and the occupancy of the school. It also includes benchmarks for the building’s site selection, water efficiency, acoustics, daylight in classrooms and environmentally-friendly building materials.

The 2009 version of MA-CHPS takes advantage of the growing knowledge base nationally and locally on high performance schools, particularly the recent Massachusetts Green Schools Post-Occupancy Study of Energy Efficiency completed by Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust (MRET). Several new credits have been added for high performance measures in electric lighting, adaptability to alternative energy sources, and calculating greenhouse gas emissions. Credits that give points for using the school as a teaching tool and installing water management systems were also added.

One of the changes that MA-CHPS users are likely to notice first is its look – the document has been updated to the standard design of the CHPS Criteria. Other changes include overhauling the minimum ventilation and building flushout requirements, as well as acoustics, daylighting and low-emitting material credits.

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MA-CHPS Criteria
2009 Edition

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MA CHPS Criteria
(Version 1.0 - 2006 Edition)

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