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August 2008

New CHPS Criteria for the Performance and Operations of Schools Now Under Development

While up till now CHPS’ rating programs have focused on new school construction and major modifications, CHPS is now developing the 2010 Edition Criteria for Performance and Operations of schools. There are an estimated 125,000 existing schools in the U.S., which present a vast opportunity to reduce schools' impact on the environment and improve student health on a large scale. Development of the new Criteria is funded by the California Energy Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy, and will provide facility managers with the tools needed to benchmark their performance in areas such as energy, water, waste and indoor environmental quality, and to determine the most appropriate improvement strategies. The Criteria will also assist existing schools identify and improve operational and maintenance procedures and policies.

The new Criteria is scheduled to pilot in 2009 and formally debut in early 2010. CHPS is currently looking for ambitious schools in California, both new and old and at all levels of performance, to participate in the pilot of this program. Grants will be available for participating pilot schools. If you are interested in the program, please contact Nick Semon, CHPS Technical Programs Coordinator, by the end of September at or 415-970-6532. Partner schools will be accepted on a rolling basis, and funding is available. Apply today to have a significant role in the development of this important new program!

More News from CHPS

Open CHPS Board and Technical Committee Seats Announced
The CHPS Board Nominating Committee is currently seeking applications for six open board seats. CHPS Board Directors are charged with ensuring that the vision, values and mission of CHPS are achieved, continually assessing the effectiveness of CHPS in meeting its goals and working with CHPS members and staff on high performance school initiatives and policies.

Since the intent of the new seats is to increase representation on the CHPS Board nationally, only non-California based applicants will be considered. Open board seats include one (1) School Representative (Employee of School District, County Office of Education or Individual School), one (1) Design Professional Representative (Architect, Engineer, Design Consultant), one (1) Utility Representative, one (1) product manufacturer, and two (2) non-voting advisory directors with any special interest in high performance schools. CHPS Board Directors are expected to be CHPS members, attend three in-person board meetings per year, and participate on CHPS Board committees as necessary. To apply for a seat, please submit a letter of interest and a copy of your CV to

The CHPS Technical Committee is currently in development of the 2009 Edition of the CHPS California Criteria. The Sustainable Sites Sub-Committee currently is searching for four new committee members. Landscape architects are particularly encouraged to apply.

California Passes the First State Green Building Code in the Nation
How does it apply to schools?
On July 17th the California Building Standards Commission adopted Title 24 Part 11 to its state building code. The new green building code has both voluntary standards and mandatory standards, which go into effect in 2010. The code, like CHPS and LEED, sets targets for energy, water and resource efficiency, indoor air quality and site selection.

"By adopting this first-in-the-nation statewide green building code, California is again leading the way to fight climate change and protect the environment," said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a statement released July 18th. The California Division of the State Architect (DSA) will be responsible for enforcing the new code for schools. However, there are currently no mandatory provisions for public schools and community colleges. DSA is responsible for proposing how the new code will apply to schools and community colleges for the 2010 Edition Title 24, Part 11.
Download>>CA Green Building Code

Join California's State Leaders at Greentools - School Scholarships Still Available
CHPS is happy to continue offering full conference scholarships to school and school district employees, school board members and school volunteers. Many school districts have already taken advantage of this great program, so don't wait to send in your application. You can fill out an application online here:

Join California's school building leaders at this year's Greentools:

* David Thorman, CA's State Architect, to discuss grid neutrality for schools
* Rob Cook, Executive Officer of the Office for Public School Construction, to give an update on California's Proposition 1D funding for high performance schools
* David Walls, Executive Director of the California Building Standards Commission, to discuss California's new state green building code

Also new for 2008 will be an advanced designers' workshop that will explore the benefits of integrated design modeling and how building information modeling (BIM) can help assess the impact of design decisions on building performance . Two examples of BIM software will be explored to show the benefits of integrated design modeling, and how it can aid in assessing the impacts of specific design decisions on building performance (e.g. HVAC selection), and what the impact of that decision is in relation to others (e.g. daylighting). The speakers, architects representing several CHPS school design teams, will also discuss the design and analysis time, and software costs. Learn more about all of the Greentools workshops here:

Plus, on Day 2, you can ride the green school bus to the green school! Greentools will be offering free shuttle buses from the Hyatt to the H. Allen Hight Learning Center. Learn more about the school tour here:

Are you a school employee, district official, school board member or school volunteer? You can qualify to come to Greentools 2008 absolutely free! Apply today.

Los Angeles Unified Set to Install Megawatt Solar Project
Sunny Southern California will become even brighter for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) thanks to an agreement to install solar panels at the District’s General Stores and Foods Warehouse in Pico Rivera. LAUSD has signed an agreement with SunPower Corporation, a manufacturer of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, to install approximately one megawatt of renewable solar power at the Pico Rivera site.

The annual environmental benefits of this green power purchase will avoid an estimated 1,141 tons of CO2 emissions each year, which is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from 117,517 gallons of gasoline consumed or 190 cars; or emissions from the electricity use of 137 average American homes.

This project will be the first in the District’s program to install a minimum of 15 MW of renewable technology, including solar power, at schools and other facilities by 2012 and signifies the strong commitment of the Board of Education to sustainability programs in the District. Learn more here:

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