California's Roseville Joint Union High School District Passes CHPS Resolution

May 5, 2009 (Roseville) - The Roseville Joint Union High School District (RJUHSD) Board of Education passed a high performance resolution mandating that all new school, new building and modernization projects meet the CHPS Criteria. This resolution will ensure that all schools in the district receive the benefits of healthier, more energy efficient and sustainable schools. Located near Sacramento, CA, the RJUHSD serves over 9,000 students, operating five high schools, a continuation school adult school and independent study school.

“This was the perfect time for the district to move forward”, said Christopher Grimes, Director of School Facilities Development of RJUHSD. “It made sense to become a CHPS district, and the high performance resolution provided a mechanism to make it happen.”

A combination of factors made the importance of a board level commitment to high performance facilities become apparent. In the face of budget cuts, the district expressed a strong desire to focus on energy savings in order to free up money spent in school operations.

The board quickly aligned to see the value of high performance schools and how it affects the bottom line. “The primary value I see from adopting this resolution is that it formalizes the position of the Board” said Grimes. “Not only does it set a target for all our schools to achieve but it establishes that it will no longer be acceptable to miss that target.”

Under Grimes’ direction, the RJUH School District has tried to incorporate principles of healthy, sustainable and energy efficient buildings. A strong proponent of sustainable building practices, Grimes attempted to certify projects early on, using CHPS Designed, as soon as it became available in 2002. While these projects did not meet the minimum point threshold of the Criteria, many high performance features were still included.

The district is currently working to complete a full energy analysis of the district, focusing on improving daylighting strategies and completing major energy retro-fits and the full commissioning of mechanical systems. Roseville Joint Union High School District is looking forward to seeing its future projects fully CHPS certified.

California's Roseville Joint Union High School District Passes CHPS Resolution~order=2009-05-30
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