CHPS Verified

Participation in CHPS Verified will ensure that a school project has the required high performance features to realize the benefits associated with a high performance school including improved health, productivity and student performance, decreased operating costs and increased energy savings. CHPS Verified helps design teams manage the design and documentation process with tools for project oversight, plan review and resources

Projects have their construction documents, scorecard and supporting documentation at both the design and construction phase assessed by an independent reviewer. Accountability will rest not only on the school district and design team but also on CHPS and an assigned 3rd Party Assessor. CHPS staff will be available for non-CCI questions and will screen all submittals at the design and construction phases for completeness prior to review to speed up review time.

The CHPS Verified Plaque

CHPS will recognize each participation project with a plaque and on the CHPS website. CHPS will participate in school opening ceremonies as well as use the project in case studies based on project and availability.

CHPS Verified Leader Recognition

CHPS Verified Leader recognition is available in some states for projects that go above and beyond the minimum eligibility requirements for CHPS. Learn more about state availability and requirements here.

Download the CHPS Verified User Guide (PDF, 300kb)

This document details the process taking a project through the CHPS Verified program. The CHPS Verified Program User Guide was updated on December 12, 2013. The guide contains a full list of program tools and resources, project phases, requirements and timelines, and post-project recognition opportunities.

CHPS Verified Program Resources

  • CHPS Verified Project Website - Log in to the CHPS Project Website to view and manage your CHPS Projects (project registration required). Each project will receive access to their project website after they register their project. The website enables electronic submittal and includes project tracking tools (e.g. timelines, chat rooms, to do lists). All project reviews will be done online and no paper submittals are necessary.
  • Project Scorecard - The projects scorecard is a series of linked templates that can be used to track progress with the CHPS Criteria and to assign responsibility amongst team members. Scorecards are available once the project registers.
  • CHPS Criteria Interpretations (CCI's) - Each project will receive up to three free Criteria Interpretations throughout the lifetime of the project.
  • Joint Review Process with California DSA - For projects seeking High Performance Incentive Grants through the State of California and CHPS Verified status using the 2009 CA-CHPS Criteria, there is a joint review process and reduced CHPS Review fees available. For more information, visit the HPI-CHPS Verified page. Interested parties should download the HPI-CHPS Verified Program User Guide for California.

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