Green Building Pro Online Event Series: Green and Sustainable Schools

Originally presented live on August 25, 2010
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Learn how to incorporate green building and design into your school project, and how sustainable measures improve the health and environment for everyone involved!

Join Green Building Pro for this virtual on-demand event. You can start by viewing a fifty-minute open panel discussion on the topic of green and sustainable schools.

Also available are a series of workshops with that focus on topics within green building and education such as daylighting, costs and benefits of green construction, operations and facility management. You can choose which of the four fifty-minute sessions to watch on-demand.

Green and sustainable schools are an important part of the future of education. We need to focus on creating a healthier, better learning environment for students of all ages. Green schools cost less to operate, and with the lifespan of an average school reaching thirty-five years, this results in significant savings that can be invested back into necessary resources. Green schools take advantage of acoustics and daylighting to create a more comfortable environment for students to learn. These measures, along with a focus on indoor environmental quality, provide healthy environments that reduce sick days and minimize student exposure to toxic chemicals. If planned accordingly, these sustainable schools can also serve as learning opportunities concerning environmental design.

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Your Next Green School is Already Built
(45 minutes)

Existing school buildings present major opportunities to create high performance facilities for all students. Learn about tools available to assess and improve your existing schools, including the new Operations Report Card (ORC), a web-based program that guides school staff on how to conduct yearly assessments in energy, air quality, thermal comfort, lighting and acoustics. Schools can use the ORC to benchmark the performance of both high- and low-performance schools and to get recommendations for improvement. You'll also hear from CHPS staff about top strategies for successful modernizations and how to meet tough prerequisites within a small project scope.


Nick Semon
CHPS Technical Programs Coordinator

Nick Semon holds an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a BS in the same from Pennsylvania State University. Nick led the development of the CHPS Operations Report Card, a programmatic approach to benchmarking the performance of existing schools and providing suggestions for improvement. Prior to his work at CHPS, he worked in the sustainable construction industry in central Pennsylvania, focusing on renewable energy systems.

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