VA-CHPS Partner Advisory Committee

The VA-CHPS Criteria would also not have been possible without the contributions of the Virginia CHPS Partner Advisory Committee, including;

  • Brent Cobb (Fairfax County Public Schools)
  • Tim Huggler (Loudon County Public Schools)
  • Clay Hunton (Strickler Associates)
  • Eric Knight (Engineered Services, Inc.)
  • Kevin Lewis (Loudon County Public Schools)
  • Steve Nicholson (Fairfax County Public Schools)
  • Tom Reinsel (Fairfax County Public Schools)
  • Jerry Shapiro (Shapiro ad Duncan Mechanical Contractors)
  • Andrea Luccionni Shaw (Perkins Eastman)

Additional support was provided to the committee by Claus Bader (German Engineering) and Ken Theurich (Loudon County Public Schools).

The Virginia CHPS Partner Advisory Committee utilized the National Core Criteria, as well as the California, Colorado, Texas, and Massachusetts CHPS Criteria as a base and adapted them to the unique climates, needs, codes and regulations of Virginia.

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