First California School Recognized as CHPS Verified

High Tech High Chula Vista presented plaque for meeting state’s rigorous green, healthy, high performance school standard

March 10, 2011 (Chula Vista, CA) – For the first time, a school in California has been recognized as meeting the rigorous high performance design and construction “CHPS Verified” standard of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS). High Tech High Chula Vista (HTHCV), a charter high school in Chula Vista, CA, was awarded a CHPS Verified plaque today for completing the rigorous green rating program that verifies a school’s compliance with the CHPS green school building standard.

“High Tech High Chula Vista is a wonderful flagship for the CHPS program in California. As a charter school with a limited construction budget, but with a commitment to integrate sustainable principles into the lives of its diverse student population, HTHCV proves that all schools can be high performance schools,” said Bill Orr, Executive Director of CHPS. “The CHPS Verified plaque is not only a recognition of the school community for committing to high performance design, but also a charge to continue to bring these sustainable principles into play everyday.”

"As the first California CHPS verified school, we hope to serve as a ‘living textbook’ for the integration of sustainable building and facility practices with core environmental education; serving as a model for future green schools,” said Colleen Green, HTHCV Director.

High Tech High Chula Vista is a public charter school serving 550 students in grades 9-12. The goals of the new school buildings were to create a toxics-free learning environment, use resources sustainably and cost-effectively and teach, learn, and engage at every opportunity. The project involves the use of natural daylight, photovoltaics to generate energy onsite, operable windows for natural ventilation, reclaimed water to decrease potable water use and environmentally-sensitive building siting.

As designed, the campus achieved an Energy Star rating of 94, and a saving of 50% over the ASHRAE 90.1. – 2004 energy efficiency standard. It is estimated that the school will save $5000 annually because of the water efficiency measures installed, which include waterless urinals, aerators, low-flow shower heads and water closets. The project, designed by Studio E Architects, was completed on a $175/sf budget (excluding the photovoltaic system).

CHPS Verified is a green school building rating program that combines a rigorous standard for the design and construction of healthy, green school buildings with a complete third-party review of the features to ensure the benefits are delivered. Compliance with the CHPS Verified program demonstrates that a school has met one of the most stringent standards for green school design. CHPS, a 501c(3) non-profit headquartered in San Francisco, works to make schools a better place to learn.

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March 10, 2011 (San Francisco, CA) First CHPS Verified School in California Presented CHPS Verified Plaque ~order=2011-03-10
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