Plaque, Certificates and Recognition

Recognition for CHPS Verified

This recognition is applicable for CHPS Verified projects in California, Colorado, Texas and Massachusetts. Once the project has been approved through its construction phase 3rd party review, it will be recognized by CHPS as a Verified project.

Projects will receive a signed verification letter from CHPS and a CHPS Verified Plaque. CHPS will list the project on its website. CHPS staff, board members or advisory committee members may participate in recognition ceremonies as well as use the project in case studies based on project and availability. CHPS may also provide quotes for media use as desired.

If the project has pursued High Performance Incentive Grants through the State of California, California's DSA and OPSC agencies will be notified of CHPS Verified recognition of the project.

Recognition for CHPS Designed

Once a project has been reviewed by CHPS, it will be recognized as a Designed project. Projects will receive a signed CHPS designed recognition letter from CHPS and use of the CHPS Designed digital logo. CHPS will list the project on its website. Unframed and framed certificates are available for order. Download the order form here.

CHPS Verified Plaque

Made of 100% recycled paperstone

Students at High Tech High Chula Vista - California's first CHPS Verified school - are awarded their CHPS Verified Plaque.
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