CHPS Tip: CA-CHPS Credit WE1.0: Create Water Use Budget

By Ed Wansing, CHPS Technical Programs Coordinator
Regular column in the CHPS E-Bulletin

CA-CHPS Credit WE1.0: Create Water Use Budget
For the 2009 edition of the CA-CHPS Criteria, design teams must develop a water budget for landscape (both non-recreational and recreational) and ornamental water use to conform to the local water efficient landscape ordinance. If no local ordinance is applicable, then the budget outlined by the California Department of Water Resources shall be used.

Criteria Interpretation Request
From the design team: According to the 2009 Edition CHPS Criteria, when building a new building on an existing campus, the scope of the Water Use Budget is determined by the scope of the project. Our project is located on 2 acres at the southwest corner of an existing 39.72 acre high school campus. The site is currently an asphalt parking lot without any irrigation. A new irrigation system, independent from the campus' existing system, will be installed for our building. As we are working on just 5% of the entire campus, we request that our scope be limited to our site.

Criteria Interpretation
The scope of the project will determine if the project needs to comply with this prerequisite. If an irrigation system is being installed, the water use budget will need to be calculated for the entire project site. If there is no irrigation being installed, then this prerequisite does not apply to the project, and can be eliminated from the scope.
June 30, 2011 (San Francisco, CA) A monthly tip from Technical Programs Coordinator Ed Wansing ~order=2011-06-30
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