American Canyon High School Recognized as CHPS Verified School

Napa Unified’s Flagship Campus Honored as High Performance School with Highest CHPS Verified Score in California

November 17, 2011 (American Canyon, CA) - American Canyon, a bedroom community just north of the Bay Area, is now home to the newest healthy, green, high performance school in California. American Canyon High School was rececognized as achieving CHPS Verified status at a ceremony on the campus on Wednesday. As a CHPS Verified school, the high school has met the California CHPS Criteria, a stringent green school building standard.

“Schools like American Canyon are putting kids first. By investing in healthy, green learning environments, we are saying to our students, ‘We care about you now, and we care about your environment in the future,’” said Bill Orr, CHPS Executive Director. “CHPS is thrilled to recognize American Canyon High School as a CHPS Verified School.”

The high school received $800,000 from the State of California to help pay for the high performance features on the campus. American Canyon boasts an extensive ground-source heat-pump system with individual units for each classroom, which both decreases noise within the classroom – by replacing noisy HVAC systems – and saves money though energy efficiency. Other sustainable features include using reclaimed, non-potable water to irrigate landscape, and automatic lighting controls that dim electric lights when there is enough daylight to light a classroom.

“It has been a real pleasure to work with the board and school district to implement their vision for a school that embraces this community and shows their environmental leadership throughout the school,” said Aaron Jobson, AIA, principal of Quattrocchi Kwok Architects.

The 1-megawatt solar array that has been installed behind the school will supply 85% of its energy, and earn the school a rebate of $2 million over the next 5 years from its utility company. The system will reduce the school’s greenhouse gas emissions by 786,000 lbs annually.

The school was built to accommodate 2,200 students. The campus is made up of seven two-story buildings, and offers the community joint use of several parts of campus. The school is one of the few civic structures in American Canyon. "The thing that really stands out for me is the sense of community that this school provides," said Orr. "The campus creates a sense of place for all of American Canyon."

CHPS Verified is a green school building rating program that combines a rigorous state-adopted standard for the design and construction of healthy, green school buildings with a complete third-party review of the features to ensure the benefits are delivered. Compliance with the CHPS Verified program demonstrates that a school has met one of the most stringent standards for green school design.

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The Collaborative for High Performance Schools created the nation’s first green building rating program developed especially for school learning environments. The mission of CHPS is to improve the quality of education for our nation’s schoolchildren by facilitating the design, construction and operation of a new generation of high performance schools: places of learning that are environmentally sustainable, healthy and comfortable.

November 17, 2011 (American Canyon, CA) American Canyon High School Recognized as CHPS Verified School ~order=2011-11-17
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