HI-CHPS Criteria for New Construction and Major Modernizations

The Hawaii CHPS Criteria (HI-CHPS), a resource used to design and construct healthy, high performance, green, schools, has been released for public use. Hawaii becomes the 13th state to adopt a CHPS high performance school Criteria. HI-CHPS was approved by the Board of Directors of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, a national non-profit that brings local high performance school rating programs to states across the US.

The HI-CHPS Criteria was developed by a committee of K-12 school stakeholders under the guidance of the Hawaii State Department of Education and CHPS. Hawaii's unique climate posed the largest challenge for the advisory committee’s work, including creating prerequisites and credits appropriate to the year-round temperatures, rain and wind patterns, and humidity of the islands. The committee developed a new prerequisite for analyzing the site's microclimate to inform design decisions. In addition, more distinct requirements, compliance pathways, and an extra credit, were developed for naturally-ventilated and conditioned classrooms to ensure that air quality and comfort were equivalently valued and achieved compared to those mechanically ventilated and conditioned.

HI-CHPS is the first CHPS Criteria to have a prerequisite and credit for use of the CHPS Operations Report CardTM (ORC) – a program that allows schools to benchmark how the schools are actually performing within18 months of construction. The committee also developed entirely new credits not seen in any other state adaptation for outdoor classrooms, tree protection and preservation, culturally responsive designs, and electric vehicles.

Projects using Hawaii CHPS and seeking recognition through CHPS will also make use of a new CHPS Plan Sheet approach, which will help project managers to communicate project goals and strategies in a streamlined plan sheet that will be a part of the project’s construction documents.

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HI-CHPS Criteria
(2012 Edition)

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