West Hollywood School Recognized as Green, High Performance School

April 16, 2012 (West Hollywood, CA) – The Center for Early Education, a K-6 independent school, was recognized as an “Operations Report Card High Performance School” by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) at a ceremony on the campus today. The Center scored above a 70 in five categories on the Operations Report Card (ORC), a reporting program that the school used to collect information about the performance of its buildings.

“The Center for Early Education has demonstrated that they are committed to maintaining a high quality learning environment that is healthy, energy efficient, well-lit, and comfortable,” said Bill Orr, Executive Director at the Collaborative for High Performance Schools. “By scoring a 70 or higher in all five categories The Center has set a precedent of what all existing schools should strive to become.”

The CHPS Operations Report Card is an online tool that enables schools and districts to measure the performance of their campus while identifying areas for improvement. The ORC provides schools with a simple, understandable score to communicate where their school stands on the spectrum of building performance. Schools submit information, measurements, and survey results, and are scored on a 100-point scale in indoor air quality, acoustics, lighting, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

While The Center’s distinction is cause for celebration, it’s just the beginning of its efforts to improve sustainability. “The ORC establishes a baseline from which to measure future endeavors,” said Karen Illig, the school’s Director of Finance. “Now, when we complete a capital project, we can take new measurements and quantify the impact.”

“Right away, we recognized the ORC to be a valuable tool for our campus in both day-to-day operations and long term sustainability goals,” said Matt Riddle, Lead Facilities Manager at The Center. “Now our buildings have a report card, too! What a great thing for the kids to see and what a strong tool for our teachers to work into the curriculum.”

Located on 1.34 acres in the heart of West Hollywood, CA, The Center recently tackled the challenge of greening its urban campus. With space at a premium, the school incorporated creative solutions like hanging planters and vertical gardens to introduce more foliage. To irrigate the new plant life, The Center began utilizing some of the over 4,000 gallons of excess groundwater pumped from beneath the school’s underground garage each day.

Since 1939, The Center for Early Education has educated a diverse student body of children ages toddler through grade six. Through¬out the years, The Center’s mission has been to pay close attention to the inner life of each child and to address each student’s per¬sonal learning style. Today 538 students spend, on average, ten years at The Center, growing and developing in a positive, supportive environment that sets high standards but also helps students achieve success. For more information, visit

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The Collaborative for High Performance Schools created the nation’s first green building rating program developed especially for school learning environments. The mission of CHPS is to improve the quality of education for our nation’s schoolchildren by facilitating the design, construction and operation of a new generation of high performance schools: places of learning that are environmentally sustainable, healthy and comfortable.

The Center for Early Education, a socioeconomically and culturally diverse independent school for children toddler through grade six, strives to graduate students who are joyful, resilient, lifelong learners. The Center embraces a philosophy of education that combines a nurturing, inclusive learning environment with an increasingly challenging academic program that addresses the developmental needs of each child.

April 16, 2012 (West Hollywood, CA) A Southern California school was awarded the distinction of being the first "Operations Report Card High Performance School". ~order=2012-04-16
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