Proposition 39: Energy Improvements with Non-Energy Benefits

Proposition 39 is a tremendous opportunity for California’s schools to make much-needed energy efficiency improvements. Districts can leverage this opportunity by understanding total building conditions, and choosing energy efficiency improvements that also improve the health, comfort and productivity of students and staff.

CHPS developed the Operations Report Card to help school districts plan their building improvements based on the total performance of the buildings. The ORC lets you benchmark conditions critical to the learning and health of students so that you can develop data-driven expenditure plans that save energy AND improve student performance and health.

Use Proposition 39 Program Assistance Funds to Complete the ORC

Use Proposition 39 Program Assistance Funds - part of the Energy Planning funds - to complete the ORC, including ORC program fees and engaging a third-party provider to assist in ORC program implementation.

The Proposition 39 Guidelines instruct LEAs to follow an eight-step process to fulfill the requirements of the program. Here is how the ORC fits in:
  • Step 1: Electric and Gas Usage/Billing Data
  • Step 2: Benchmarking or Energy Rating System: In addition to the required energy benchmarking, complete the CHPS Operations Report Card
  • Step 3: Eligible Energy Project Prioritization Considerations: Use your ORC results as part of the 11-factor consideration for prioritizing eligible energy projects for program awards
  • Step 4: Sequencing of Facility Improvements
  • Step 5: Eligible Energy Measure Identification
  • Step 6: Cost-Effectiveness Determination
  • Step 7: Submit Completed Energy Expenditure Plan(s)
  • Step 8 Energy Project Tracking and Reporting

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