CHPS Designed FAQS

How much does it cost to participate?

CHPS Designed Registration Fees, effective for all projects that register after November 13, 2013, are as follows: CHPS Members $900 Non-Members $1,250

How do I register my CHPS Design Project?

You can register you project online here.

Who do I contact with questions about my CHPS Designed projects?

CHPS takes all inquiries on CHPS Designed projects via email to

Which Criteria edition should I use?

New schools, new buildings and major modernization/renovation projects in California and Texas can register for CHPS Designed. Projects in Texas should use the 2009 Edition of the TX-CHPS Criteria. Projects in California must use the 2014 Edition of the CA-CHPS Criteria.

How do I complete the self-certification process for CHPS Designed?

After you register your project, you will receive a scorecard appropriate for your project type. It is recommended that a preliminary scorecard be submitted to CHPS. To self-certify, a final scorecard must be submitted to CHPS within 90 days after construction is complete. The scorecard must be signed and submitted to CHPS with the annotations for each claimed prerequisite and point completed. CHPS will review the scorecard for completeness and recognize the project as CHPS Designed.

How does CHPS Designed work with Prop 1D Incentive Funds in California?

CHPS Designed projects can apply for Prop 1D incentive funding separate from the CHPS recognition process. Unlike the CHPS Verified Program, CHPS Designed is a separate process. If you would like to use your CHPS recognition process to apply for Prop 1D incentive funds, please visit the CHPS Verified Program.

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