The Operations Report Card is on Your iPhone

The ORC Mobile application enhances the use of the online ORC program. While the Operations Report Card program is limited to data entry by hand, which then must be transferred to the ORC website, the ORC Mobile app provides a faster and simpler process to enter in measurements taken within the classroom setting. You can enter data directly into the app on your smartphone, which is then transferred to your online account.
This app is available for use to all ORC users registered for the Operations Report Card Program. After downloading the app, simply log in with your user ID to begin. You can download the app directly from the iTunes app store or use the QR code on the right to connect directly with the ORC Mobile app at the iTunes App Store. Go to Apple StoreIf you see a green icon on a data collection page in the ORC like the one on the right, the data on that page may be completed on the iPhone application.

ORC Mobile was developed with generous support from Global Green USA, a national environmental nonprofit organization working to stem climate change and help communities through projects and initiatives in the areas of green affordable housing, schools, neighborhoods and cities. The Santa Monica-based organization is the American Arm of Green Cross International, which was created by President Mikhail Gorbachev to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future by reconnecting humanity with the enviroment. Learn more at

What’s Next with the App:
We are developing a student module for the ORC app that would put the power in the hands of students to make schools greener, healthier, better places to learn. They will not only be able to improve the very places where they learn, but will also gain important green jobs skills for the future through a hands-on learning experience. Using the ORC Mobile app, students will have the tools to find out how green and healthy their classrooms and schools are.
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