Public Notice of the 45-day First Public Review Period of the California CHPS Criteria [CLOSED]

The California CHPS Criteria (2014 Edition) is now available for public review. The first comment period will be open for 45 days, and comments on the draft are due by Thursday, January 9, 5:00 PM PST.

This draft of the 2014 CA-CHPS Criteria is available for limited public review. Comments on the following changes will be accepted:

Core Criteria
Changes from the National Core Criteria (Core) to reflect California's unique laws, climate, geography, and regional priorities. These changes include revisions to the 2013 Title 24 Energy Efficiency standards and California Green Building Code (CALGreen); updates to state and utility funding and incentives, and previous editions of the CA-CHPS Criteria. These changes are in underline and strikeout format.

Additions to the Acoustics Criteria EQ 14.0 and 14.1 are undergoing concurrent review. Only substantial changes resulting from the 3rd public comment period are open for 15-day public review. These changes are double-underlined. Any comments to these sections should be submitted in response to the Core Criteria not the 2014 CA-CHPS Criteria.

Other comments that make substantial changes to the Core Criteria will not be considered.

California Laws
Additions and corrections to relevant state laws, regulations and policies that are applicable to one or more criteria.

Mandatory Offerings
Determinations by the CA-CHPS Committee as to which Mandatory Offerings in the Core Criteria are upgraded to prerequisites and which are credits.

Regional Point Allocations
The allocation of the additional 50 points within the 2014 CA-CHPS Criteria. Points allocated to a criterion in the Core may not be reduced. The total points in the Water category must be at least 20 points.

California Optional Criteria
Prerequisites and credits that are not part of the Core are in underline and strikeout format.

Additional relevant California-specific resources are encouraged.

Comments may be submitted using the online form.

Download the 1st public review draft of the California CHPS Criteria here.
November 27, 2013 (Sacramento, CA) The California CHPS Criteria (2014 Edition) was released for a 45-day public review today. ~order=2013-11-27
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